Mr David Duffy op de Linda Blind Farm School!

Village Nakatindi Livingstone +womenGisteren een speciale dag op de Linda Blind Farm School. Niet alleen is het nu toetsweek (best spannend) maar ook was er een fotograaf op school. David Duffy fotografeert ook voor National Geographic en wilde foto’s maken voor Bouwstenen voor Zambia. Geweldig! Wat een eer voor de kinderen, de leraren en ook voor mij. Bedankt Anne Smudde dat je ons bij elkaar gebracht hebt. Xavier
It really was a special honour yesterday. The Linda Blind Farm School welcomed David Duffy, professional photgrapher and publishing in National Geographic. He wa making photo’s for Bouwstenen voor Zambia (Bricks for Zambia). I am so curious! Thank you mr Duffy. Indeed the fame is all up to you! Thank you so much and thank you Anne Smudde from foundation Lilato for connecting us. Maybe we’ll meet up in the future. With best regards, Xavier
PS: I felt free to illustrate this blog with some impressive photo’s of the website of Mr Duffy, taken in Nakatindi Village, Livingstone, Zambia ( 
From the blog of Mr. David Duffy himself yesterday:
“No time to pause in Livingstone, Chris was out working at Tammy’s school by 7 am and I was out by 8 am doing photography at Linda Farm school, having accepted the commission from its Dutch founder from Holland last night! Said he was honoured to have a National Geographic photographer working for him – fame at last!
(Thanks for bigging me up Anne Smudde, you’re now my agent) Typically English as ever, it’s hot and it’s time for feet up and a cup of tea back at our room… “.
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