Please meet teacher Bridget. A very dedicated teacher, from the very beginning of the Linda Blind Farm School

Weet u het nog? Dat gordijntje tussen twee huisjes? Het allereerste begin van de Linda Blind Farm School. 5 leerlingen en 1, heel toegewijde, enthousiaste, teacher. Haar naam: teacher Bridget. De Linda Blind Farm School heeft een prachtig school team van nu 2 leraren, 1 assistent leraar en een inspirerende coach. Enkele weken geleden stelde ik u assistant teacher Elidah voor. Vandaag is het podium voor teacher Bridget.

My name is Bridget. I have been working at the Linda Blind Farm School since the very beginning in 2012 until now. What started as a very small school behind a curtain with about 5 children has grown to this beautiful Xavier Community School now and will expand to a really fantastic primary school soon. I am so happy Teacher Xavier came our way in 2014, only 11 years old. And he did not just pass by. Now, in 2019, five years later, he still is very committed to the children, the school and to us as the school committee and the teachers team. And for sure he is determined to help the children kick out the poverty of their lives by good education. May god bless him and his younger brother Gabor, who also stole our hearts and of course his parents.

Teacher Xavier asked us, three teachers at the pre school, to introduce ourselves. Started with Elidah a few weeks ago, it is my turn now, before next time Catherine is on and as I am informed well also our very enthousiastic Dutch volunteer for three months, Feline, will introduce herselve to you. And I know for sure teacher Xavier will ask our coach, Harry, and his partners from Dream Livingstone, Rabeccah and Kennedy, too. So we all look forward meeting you by Xavier’s website, facebook or may be even in Livingstone at our school. Your are welcome!

Dental lessons, Tandenpoetsles, met behulp van lessuggesties van mijn broertje Gabòr

As I already said, my name is Bridget, a single mother with two children, both a boy and a girl. I am a qualified teacher and now doing my Diploma in teaching with the help of Teacher Xavier who is contributing to my collage which would be impossible for me to do without the help of him and the Friends of his foundation. I’m very gratefull for this. Am very much motivated and this has made me feel happy. his is not the only thing for example phone Laptop finances and encouragements has always been given to facilitate us in being a good teacher and in communication with him in the Netherlands. However the biggest one is the school building itself. This wonderful school, the best in Livingstone we are sure, is a big motivation to us as teachers, school committee and above all for the children of Xavier community school. The most thing that keeps me happy is seeing the children perform well and build up there future, as it is said in our Motto “Education is the best weapon to change the world”. And I am so happy again we met each other because as we say in Africa: “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together. Indeed we are going far, together!

My home situation is that, I stay in a rented house with my two children. I also support my younger brother and sister on education. We are a family of 10 children of my mother and father. Both of my parents died a long time ago. Every morning I wake up at five to do the housekeeping and not much later I am leaving home to walk to school. Most of the time Teacher Catherine and me walk together. She is so to call my neighbour. It is about 1 and a half hours walking. After ariving at school about half past 7, Elidah is already there and has cleaned the school so we can do the necessary preparations before the children arrive. This is the best moment every day again: watching the children come to school, very enthousiastic and motivated, proud of the most beautiful school in town, happy they have the opportunity to go to school.

I want to take this moment and opportunity to thank you all very much for the support to Xavier’s foundation Bricks for Zambia (Bouwstenen voor Zambia he teached us). Thanks to your help we have this wonderful pre school and within a short time also the primary school, the children have their booksets which both makes a great, great difference for the quality of education. And then of course the help of the foundation in supporting us as teachers in going to school ourselves to become a better teacher for the children. May god bless you all. Yours faithfully, Bridget.

Teacher Bridget wordt bijgepraat door mijn broertje Gabòr: introductie van de eerste school laptop en de mobiele telefoon

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